Welcome to Dry Food craze!

My name is Anthony, and I have a passion for food. More specifically, food preservation!

About a year ago I purchased a food dehydrator to save time and eat more. Ever since this purchase, I haven’t looked back on the old food drying techniques. That’s enough about me, let me inform you of what you can expect on this blog.

The demand for food dehydrators has risen over time. Dry Food Craze provides the best information about these home kitchen appliances and the food dehydration process. I believe that food preservation methods are not being taught as much as they used to.  

A traditional cooking technique still used today, food preservation through fermentation, drying and canning allow us to have specific types of foods during the winter or in the offseason when these ingredients are not available. Drying food is useful and easy so I decided to blog about it to show the world how fun and useful it can be for eating well and getting together with family.

I also want to promote creativity. These methods are so versatile it can allow you to use the information provided and add your own twist to it. All information herein is factual and presented in ways that make it easier for you, the reader to grasp.

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