Excalibur D500CDSHD 5-Tray, Clear Door

Excalibur D500CDSHD

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You might be hearing the brand name Excalibur® among food drying enthusiasts online and offline. Who doesn’t? Excalibur® has been manufacturing food dehydrator machines since 1973 in Sacramento, California. One of the models available is the Excalibur D500CDSHD 5-tray, Stainless Steel, Clear Door food dehydrator which we will feature in this article.

Features of the Excalibur D500CDSHD

The Excalibur D500CDSHD measures 8½” high, 17″ wide, and 19″ deep. It weighs 14 pounds, a little bit lighter than other 5-tray food dehydrators. Its exterior is made of metal while the interior is made of high-quality plastic material.

Each of the five trays measures 15″ x 15″ and is made of stainless steel, not plastic. It has a detachable clear door that allows you to see the drying progress. It has an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 105°F to 165°F.

Customers living outside the United States who use 220 volts should purchase the model D502CDSHD with proper plug type from a local distributor. Warranty varies from country to country, though.

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Excalibur® has a patented Hyperwave technology and horizontal Parrallex drying that removes water and moisture from food. With its 5″ rear-mounted fan and 400 watts of power, it provides a continuous circulation within a thermostatically-controlled warm air. These are the things that make the Excalibur D500CDSHD efficient and user-friendly.

The outer stainless steel and modern appearance lend a touch of class to your kitchen counter. And even though the inner walls are made of high-quality plastic, the food does not touch them while drying on the stainless steel trays.


The only downside that we could see in this unit is the lack of space-filling in all the five trays, especially when drying bulky vegetables like kale and cauliflower.

Of course, a noise comes in all kitchen appliances but that’s only relative and can be tolerated.

Lastly, a digital thermostat and timer would make literally make this the ultimate dehydrator but it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Final Thoughts

We have featured different Excalibur® models already and so far, this seems to be better than the rest. Its stainless steel exterior, clear door, and stainless steel trays which allow for a sturdy enclosure. The overall quality of this product is great and we highly recommend it if you’re looking to get serious with food dehydration.

If this model is a little too much for you, consider taking a look at our other recommended dehydrators here!

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