Money Savings a Food Dehydrator Can Bring You


The holidays are coming. There is a high inflation rate. Prices have gone up. Saving money becomes one of our financial goals. So when the topic of having a food dehydrator at home comes up, most of us might have some second thoughts, hesitations, or reservations on buying one.

We have discussed before that there are 15 reasons why a food dehydrator machine is a good investment as a home kitchen appliance. In this article, we will focus on four ways food dehydrators can save you money. We hope that this will help you see food dehydration in a new light.

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Savings on Food Supply

One way to save on food is to buy in bulk. However, fresh foods like fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life. You could only count the days when you’re supposed to consume fruits and vegetables even when refrigerated. But with a food dehydrator, fruits and vegetables can be preserved for a longer time.

Don’t you know that we throw out about 25 percent of the food that we usually buy? With food dehydration, we can cut that waste. That’s a lot of savings, too!

Savings on Snack Foods

We usually snack on meat jerky and dried fruits that we buy from stores. But if we compare it with home-made jerky and dried fruits, you’ll realize that the food dehydrator helps you save money.

Check out our other articles on making some snack foods, we’ve done Beef Jerky, Trail Mix, and Dried Strawberries to name a few!

Given the number of food items, electricity, and labor to make dried foods, you may think that you’re not saving much. But the truth is, a pound of home-made jerky or dried fruits can take you a long way than those bought at the store.

Savings on Storage Space

Think about this: when you freeze food, not only you consume freezer space, you also consume electricity to operate the freezer. But with a food dehydrator, once the food is dried, you are saving freezer space for other food items and electricity because you can store dried foods in the pantry instead.

Compact Food Dehydrator

Savings on Health

We all know that commercially available food items contain chemicals that act as preservatives to prolong shelf life. However, when using a food dehydrator, you are saving yourself from harmful chemicals that may cause diseases after prolonged use. Why? Because you’re in control of what goes inside your food dehydrator.

Not only that, using a food dehydrator would give you an idea to start your own garden, too. Gardening could be therapeutic. And nobody beats garden-fresh produce when it comes to nutrition.


Overall, a Good Kitchen Investment

Since dried foods can last for months, there is no need for you to go to the store whenever you need a fresh ingredient. That extra trip to the store is a saving most people overlook. Simply rehydrate the dried food before using them and you’re good to go. Who says that seasonal fruits don’t last? They do, the only difference is they’re dried.

And isn’t it nice to think that you could create a home-made gourmet-style dish without the gourmet price just by using a food dehydrator?

If you’re thinking that buying a food dehydrating machine is costly, you’ll realize that in the long run, it will pay for itself and will save you lots of money.

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Final Thoughts

We believe that when you are using a food dehydrator, you are also saving money in more than four ways we mentioned above. A food dehydrating machine is one of the best investments on kitchen home appliances you’ll ever make.

If you are thinking about purchasing one or want to jump right in, check out our recommendations and don’t forget to check read some of our other posts on the website!

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