Comparing 3 Square Food Dehydrators We Featured So Far

3 square food dehydrators

We already featured several food dehydrators on this website and somehow, you might be wondering which food dehydrator to choose. So we decided to compare 3 square food dehydrators to help you decide.

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6-tray Magic Mill® Food Dehydrator

This is one of the first food dehydrators we featured because we believe that beginners who might be considering investing in a home kitchen dehydrator would like this as well.

Excalibur 3926TB 9-tray Electric Food Dehydrator

People are raving about this brand because of its features and benefits. We featured it here because we believe that this unit is a good investment for those who are into home food dehydration.

Ivation 6-Tray Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine

But we also rally for those newbies in-home food dehydration who are skeptical in spending much money on a single kitchen appliance. So we featured this machine that doesn’t cost too much.

Comparison Table

Magic Mill® Excalibur® Ivation™
Magic Mill® Food Dehydrator
Excalibur 3926TB 9-tray Electric Food Dehydrator
Ivation 6-Tray Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine
Our review6-tray Magic Mill® Food Dehydrator MachineExcalibur 3926TB 9-tray Electric Food DehydratorIvation 6-Tray Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine
ModelMFD-61003926T seriesIV-FD60RB
Manufacturer/SellerRoyal Lux, Inc.The Legacy Companies USAIvation
ColorBlackBlack, WhiteBlack
Size/Dimension15” high x 13.5” wide x 19” deep12.5” high x 17” wide x 19” deep13.6” high x 12.4 wide x 17.7” deep
Weight15.6 pounds22 pounds13.6 pounds
MaterialNot specified, probably plasticPlasticPlastic
Number of Trays696
Wattage400-450 watts600 watts480 watts
Fan/Heating ElementRear-mounted fanRear-mounted fanRear-mounted fan
Temperature range95°F to 158°F105°F to 165°F95°F to 158°F
CoverDetachable, see-through coverDetachable, solid coverDetachable, see-through cover
Purchase includes6 13” x 12” stainless steel racks, 2 mesh sheets, 2 nonstick sheets, 1 set oven mittsdoesn’t come with accessories1 non-stick fine mesh sheet, 1 solid sheet
Dishwasher safeNoYes, top rack safe, but the manufacturer advice to clean it manually insteadYes
Warrantylimited 1-year warrantylimited 10-year warrantyNot specified
AmazonCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Final Thoughts

Given the points of comparison, you now have an idea which food dehydrator works for you. And if you are still thinking of buying one, this guide may help you.

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